Friday, 3 January 2014

3rd January - Fri - CLOTHES

It is another wild and very wet day in SE England. I hope the west side of UK are OK after the coastal warnings last night.
Today's photo prompt from Lucky 7's challenge is CLOTHES. I would like to link it to resolutions and say I won't buy as many clothes this year but I cannot do that!!
Well I have plenty of photos of clothes taken in 2013 when I bought them but remembered a month ago my late friend Sue's daughter ( in Canada) had a baby girl called Eliana Susan. The 3 remaining college 'girls' clubbed tog and bought these outfits for her.
Her she is on Christmas day in BC, photo was on FB just love the photos and news you can get from that site if used carefully!!
Now some moody skies from last night at 3pm and 4pm

and as I have been blogging this morning I had to stop and take these photos of a rainbow over Hastings

 The rain started again so took this inside
 and now the rain has stopped and nearly perfect blue skies but still have raindrops on the glass!!


  1. Gorgeous outfits Lynne, our weather seems to much the same, one minute rain the next blue sikes!! xx

  2. That's so nice of you to still care for your friend's family ..I propose to buy less but nicer.. but hey!

  3. I'd like to buy 'nicer' aswell- so that everytime I look in the wardrobe there is something nice ready to be worn!

  4. I'm glad you, Peter and your family had a happy holiday. All the food looks scrumptious. I, like you, do not do resolutions. I can't think of a single time I kept them when I did make them, so I stopped. LOL! Wonderful pictures of the rainbow. The little baby girl is adorable. I agree it is wonderful to be able to get some photos from FB at times. Take care and have a wonderful New Year. Give Peter our regards.

  5. Love the rainbow pics Lynne, great to see how quickly the weather changes through the same window.