Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2014! - Well we have a new blog challenge, Lucky 7's blog challenge for 2014

Thank you Kathi for continuing  for our bloggers for this year :)

So this week's word is Resolutions for a photo and daily
Wednesday 1st - FOOD

Well I do not do resolutions as they can never usually,  be kept by me !! but for the last few years I have been losing...trying to lose weight!! So today's extra prompt works well with resolutions today!!

Christmas  we were away.   I tried but was not in control of how the foods I chose were cooked and in control but what I drank...whoops!!.... put on 4lbs. So will be totally honest I weighed in at 14st again :(

So yes you have guess... Resolution for 2014 is to get to a weight I am comfortable with (size 14)

So here is the food to eat tonight (home alone as Peter is with footie friend watching football in Peterborough!!) I had planned our first roast turkey...but we had that on 9th with some of the famil!y!  Any way we have ham and turkey tonight what ever time he gets in


  1. Good luck with your new challenge and the weight loss.

  2. i agree about big resolutions but I think 6th Jan and a full week will be my starter for more sensible eating.. Not a diet I tell myself ;-)

  3. I'm sure you'll get to the weight you want this year.

  4. Maybe we ought to create our own cyber diet group and keep each other going :) xx

  5. I like your TURKEY'S picture!
    Also I agree with the ladies for a cyber diet group
    / think that date January 6th is appropriate./.

  6. I'd be lost without my morning cuppa!

  7. I need to get back on my diet too, good luck with yours. Happy new year