Friday, 24 January 2014

24th January - MY DAY OUT IN LONDON

Well I managed 5 words for today's blog! I seem to be a day behind each day with the news from the previous day LOL!!

I had a fab day with Peter in London. The theatre tickets were my Christmas present for him. We went up early to have a walk round with the view to taking lots of photos, a spot of lunch then the matinee performance of the play. Afterwards a walk to and round Covent Garden before an evening meal (yes 2 meals out :)) then an evening train home. It all went to plan except it was pouring with rain when we arrived in London. So sadly snapshots where hurried and not too many. The afternoon was cold and sunny whilst we were inside the theatre!! but thankgoodness it remained dry for the evening.
Here are some photos of my world yesterday in London.
 Admiralty Arch
Nelson's column
National Gallery and one of the lions in Trafalgar Square
Saw this building and found out the building was the CANADIAN RAILWAY COMPANY! You learn something new every time you go to London!
The Theatre Royal in the Haymarket, not our theatre!
The play we saw with Martin Shaw and Robert Vaughn
A photo shoot after the rain stopped!! It was cold!
In Covent Garden we met our fishing friend Steve's friend David Mkwani. What a wonderful singer he is. Sounds like Lionel Richie!!
Today my world is an at home day! Wonder what Saturday's 6 word can be?


  1. Lovely photo of what looks like a lovely day out

  2. Isn't blogging great .. A lifelong diary to share now and in the future.. glad you had a nice day..despite the grey chill..xx

  3. Wow- what a great day out. I love London.

  4. Oh gosh, I'm so jealous! To be able to take such wonderful pictures of beautiful buildings, etc. We have nothing like that. I can take a picture of Mickey Mouse! LOL And to see a play with Martin Shaw! He is one of my favorite British actors though all I have ever seen him in is on TV. I have seen the old television movie of Twelve Angry Men. It was good. Did you enjoy the play? Looks like you have a marvelous time. Woohoo!

  5. looks as if you had a great the last photo

  6. looks like a great time, even if cold. I have only been to london twice..keep thinking it would be great to take the kids to see a different life....we are lucky to see two train carriages at crossings, think they would be lucky to manage to count all the carriages, in and around london :)