Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 18 - INSIDE a vehicle

The weekend at last. Our visitor Pam came for 5 days and left yesterday and we love having her but there is nothing like being home alone is there?
Here she is outside in the pouring rain having a fag (cigarette for Borqna!)
We see here every 5 weeks to have her hair done as she has moved to Maidstone but likes her hairdresser in Hastings :).
It has been a very busy and sad week with lots of cooking for 2 funerals, a dear friend Harold's on Tuesday and Peter's sister June yesterday.

We have decided to finally decorate our spare bedroom and today tackled the internal cupboard and try and tidy and throw things out. Why is it so difficult to get rid of things???

So  today our challenge was inside a vehicle, the obvious for me was to take a photo inside our car but it is parked in our garage and I didn't want to go to the bottom of our garden into the garage so went into archived to show you.....
 INSIDE a plane, after losing weight in 2008 I wanted to see if I could put down the tray properly with room for me LOL!! In my fat days this was a struggle!! Yes!! I had a space!
On the same holiday I took photos INSIDE our ship as we walked round the ship on arrival in NY (Hudson Bay) on our first cruise to Nova Scotia



  1. Wonderful post and photos, Lynne!
    / Thanks for the note! /

  2. Lovely post .. and to see some sunshine views x

  3. great pictures, especially the last one seeing the sun.

  4. Did you enjoy the cruise? I'm thinking of going on one but can't decide if it will be right for me.

  5. Great pictures. I just love cruising and the pampering you get. No cooking, no cleaning, wonderful places to see.