Saturday, 25 January 2014

25th January - 6 words for MY WORLD - What a lot of jobs today!!

SAT 25th - WHAT A LOT OF JOBS TODAY  in my world!! Usually Sat is a chilling day as I no longer work but last night we invited family to celebrate my oldest son Mark's 44th birthday tomorrow, so I needed to go and shop for extra food and then to cook a lasagne and raspberry roulade.
Peter decided he needed to do DIY with my help after breakfast in our spare room and I needed his help in changing our bed linen too.
Bed linen changed...clean bedclothes
DIY needed next
 Cupboard shelf done 
I am also throwing out lots of rubbish that has accumulated in our spare room and walk in cupboard before we start to decorate, we have 3 weeks before the new beds come :) So more DWH too!
This is our spare bedroom minus any beds!! The junk room!!
 We collect so much rubbish this box is full of leaflets from NZ!! All thrown out now¬
Can you believe I have found 2 lots of knitting I started and stopped when I was too big for what I was knitting LOL so knitting will be Feb and March's project now!!
This afternoon was cooking for tomorrow's lunch Lasagne and Raspberry white chocolate Roulade
 All finished and ready for lunch tomorrow
I will look forward to tonight when I can sit down and relax with dinner and TV. It looks as if Peter is already there!
We watch recorded programmes until 9pm and then we watch with The Brigde for 2 hrs with subtitles . Cannot do other things as well!!!LOL!!


  1. You are a busy bee! The food all looks like it will be very delicious. I think we have pretty much cleaned out all of our extra junk except for what we will try to sell again if and when we have get to have an actual moving sale!

  2. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow- love the look of what you are going to eat.

  3. Looks like you had a productive day.

  4. Hope you have a great day, happy birthday to Mark.

  5. plenty of jobs to keep you busy, the food looks yummy too. Hope you have a restful evening

  6. It definitely was a busy day for you both.
    Happy Birthday to Mark. I bet he enjoys his birthday meal it looks really good.

  7. Happy Birthday to Mark!
    The food looks delicious!
    Household work no end. Smile!