Thursday, 2 January 2014

2nd January 2014 - Lucky 7's challenge - daily prompt DRINK

Well another resolution is to drink less alcohol, but sadly failed yesterday on day 1!

Today my photo is making a cuppa tea. A long time ago I never ever drank tea, hated it and the only thing I drank was coffee and vast quantites too.   I finally discovered when I ended up at the GP with aching joints that I had a food allergy to the coffee bean. At first I drank herbal drinks but never got hooked on them and meeting friends for 'coffee' it was hot choc I had. eventually I started drinking tea and love a cuppa. I have gone back to the occasional coffee out but now it is a skiny latte!
Here is a lovely photo taken just before Christmas (not by me!) but snaffled off FB of my step daughter Jo and her 2 children Amie and Lewis
. Cannot believe Amie will be 18 in March!!


  1. I drink much more coffee than tea.. but sometime a cup of tea just does the trick..with cake especially!

  2. Cup of tea - great decision!
    Congratulations for the pictures!

  3. I drink way too much tea, hate coffee even the smell of it but can't resist a cup of earl grey :D xx

  4. no tea or coffee for me thank you, but i do like coffee cake, lol

  5. I love tea and coffee, something nice and warm. Lovely pic of your family.