Monday, 13 January 2014

13th January - another week of challenges - INSIDE MY HOUSE

This week we are challenged to look INSIDE. Today what is inside our house?
Well this is what all grandparents with granddaughters might have  LOL!! A doll's house! Never having had a daughter this is very novel for me...I love it!!
Just added these photos taken by our visitor tonight.  These people are inside my house! Both photos taken by our visitor Pam staying here til Friday.
Here is one of our cats Florrie in her usual pose!
 and Peter after a busy day at work am and bowls pm with his pets. All asleep !!


  1. Brilliant .. that's what I like.. thinking outside the box .. or should I say outside the house! ;-)

  2. Great photos of the inside, inside :-) Have a great week xxx

  3. Bravo Lynne - you surprise us again!

  4. Great ideas, Lynne. I love the dolls house. Ours found another home a long time ago.

  5. Great pictures. I love the one with Peter with the kitties all around him. Cats are such interesting creatures with minds of their own. I miss mine. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Peter and the cats look very comfy indeed :) xx