Monday, 27 January 2014

27th January - A new week for Lucky 7 challenge - Winter view 1) from kitchen window

Cannot believe it is nearly February this year Jan has flown by and no snow this winter....yet. I see in the news that there is more flooding in SW of UK so feel for families affected.

This week we change our challenge to views this week in winter
Mon - Kitchen view with blue skies and sunshine but getting colder outside. You can just see Peter coming up from our garage as he has just got the car out for me.
It is a home day for me doing church paperwork, some cooking and washing and having visited a friiend and put the world to rights I am about to watch Film 5+1 and iron whilst Peter is playing bowls!

Before I finish I will show you my first ever orchid bought by friends last Sept. All the flowers died and I continued to water it weekly and buds appeared again and then finally it flowered this weekend! I am thrilled!


  1. I do love your view, It is lovely to see it again.
    Your Orchid is beautiful

  2. lovely view and your flower looks gorgeous.

  3. my favourite flower , and I am very jealous of your view

  4. I have an orchid just flowering for the fourth time..X Looks like a fine day at yours z

  5. You have a lovely view from your kitchen window. As we all know, I don't, just a wall. So, I think I will skip the kitchen view. Your orchid is beautiful!

  6. Excellent post and photos!
    Lovely view, Lynne! Blessings.
    Beautiful orchid! /It is great that the flower is awake again for life./

  7. What a beauty your orchid is!