Thursday, 9 January 2014

9th December - WHITE

Plenty of white around the house, front door and window frames are all white PVC! Bathroom and toilet are white with blue tiled floor

Well I don't often wear white but last night I was wearing this jumper so Peter quickly took this photo as we were about to go to bed!
Still wild and windy but think it is getting colder, will know in a minute when I go out!!!


  1. Lynne - you look lovely - as a model of a fashion magazine!
    Congratulations for the picture!
    Have a nice day!

  2. I was wondering if I should have written Black & white as a single day.. but you have started us off well.. thanks Lynne.

  3. Lovely photo Lynne, took me a bit of time to think of white but there again takes me a bit of time to think for some of the prompts! Looking good.

  4. Peter has taken a lovely photo

  5. You look lovely as ever and I love the white sweater. I hope your weather improves.