Saturday, 11 January 2014

11th January - PINK/PURPLE

Today's colour is pink/purple and I have plenty of pink in my life.
My phone
 My 2014 diary
My camera
My dressing gown
 Xanthe always wears something pink and it is her fav colouring pen too!
 My perfume packaging
Before the burst pipes in 2013 my lounge was pink
and spare bedroom still is until we revamp it this year!


  1. You are surrounded by pink things. I also have a different model of nikon coolpix in dark red - which is my favourite colour. As a teenager I my room was similar pink as your lounge -but nowadays there is practically no pink in our house.

  2. Funny how you can find a certain colour in the house. Love the shot of Xan, gorgeous. Had a quick look around here, think the colour is definitely red where I am at the moment but other parts of the house is green.

  3. great photos of pink. I was struggling with this you've give me an idea.

  4. Lots of pinks and purples. Love it.