Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week 4 September WC

The challenge set by Mini owner this week was 1 to 6 'recipe'
one photo - yes
two different patterned papers (BoBunny collection)
three colours of cardstock(Blue, navy and white)
four circles (lifebuoys)
five of the same embellishment(buttons)
six words in the title -yes
Here is my LO with all 6 elements so I have 30 points for my Dizzy Dot team

Had a great day with Viv and Roland showing them Hastings Old Town but sadly no proper photos of us only this relection one as Viv was busy on taking reflections :)
Can you see the 4 of us?  Me, Viv, then Roland and Peter


 I decided whilst I was in my spotty fluffy dressing gown to look at all the relections we have in our home, there were a lot so here are a few photos I took.
our cooker doors
 The radio/CD player in the kitchen
 Our glass door in a unit
 In my craft room looking at Suzie's blog! The black background was good for a reflection!
Will put up photos later today when Viv and Roland have gone home and I have finished the WC on UKS!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday....Prepping for Cyber friends

Dinner all prepped for tomorrow to welcome Viv and Roland :) Really looking forward to showing them our town Hastings :) Now for some time in the sun and read my book :0

Day 273 - STRIPES

An easy one for me and quick too as I have visitors tomorrow....I wonder who?
So a bit of prepping to do and some time in the garden as it is a glorious day today, clear blue skies...where does the rain go? Tonight we are out at a 60's evening, so that will be interesting too!
Last night we babysat and Xanthe hates Mummy and Daddy going out and gets quite worked up. Grandad was driving them so they could drink. She wanted to wait up and see grandad and fell asleep instantly they went out in a chair. Guess what her PJ's were striped!!
When Grandad returned we didn't leave her like that, she was carried up to bed where she remained sleeping!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 272 - BRIDGE

Today we have had Xanthe for 2nd time this week and have rushed home to feed cats etc (clear up!!) and back in 20mins to babysit until 9ish whilst their parents got to a work farewell drinks for a colleague.
My immediate thought was "bridges to build". I have done a lot of that in the past with new inlaws, step children, partners and parents at work.
Anyway Xanthe built me a bridge with her "lego"!!!
 It turned into a house
 with a Mummy and a Daddy!!!
In my archives I have many bridge photos in this country and on holidays. I have chosen to do a collage of bridges of Venice when we were there 2 years ago

Must go as my 20mins is up and off we go!!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Definition: 1. by chance, without plan, or without design; 
               2. unorganized or illogical. Synonyms: random, aimless, chance, unplanned, unsystematic, erratic,

This was so difficult. I never do anything without a plan! But I found out as I talked to Peter today that occasionally he does the lottery. Here is a lottery ticket from Sept 12th!! A chance to win some money?
He also does the local hospice Raffle tickets called the St Michael's Hospice Lottery. I guess to do this is better than the national Lottery but I never gamble with any raffle tickets, I would rather just give money than buy anything!
Another 2 weeks have gone by and now the roof is on the barn where I go for electrolysis and pedicure! I went this morning 
Here is one of our cats Florrie, found by Peter in his jumper cupboard last night!! Pm we took her and her sister Mae for their annual vaccinations  and check up, they are 5 yrs old and had a senior check up LOL!!
I am so excited as Viv and Roland are going to come to Hastings on Sunday and we will take them round our town (they have visited before) and then we will have dinner back at our house

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 270 - MUTED

mut·ed (my t d). adj. 1. a. Muffled; indistinct: a muted voice. b. Mute or subdued; 
softened: muted colors. Here is my photo of the mute button on our TV control
We have just got back from our second visit to the cinema this week! On Monday because of all the miserable wet weather we went to see Hope Springs and really had a good laugh and enjoyed it immensely. It wasn't quite what we had expected!! This morning whilst having breakfast and discussing our day we decided to leave everything and go to a 10am screening of Anna Karenina screenplay by Tom Stoppardwhich made it very different.
I took this sky photo of a rainbow, the first I have seen this week, I am sure there have been more behind our house but with the sun rising in the east I caught this one, not as vivid as Viv's!
This was the sky taken from the car driving back through the rain to Hastings

 we arrived home to sunshine and blue skies for a few mins before the rain arrived again!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 269 - VIVID

As soon as I saw the word VIVID I thought about the dreams I sometimes have these days, they are very vivid dreams but how do you take a photo?
Although I knew the meaning of vivid, I googled it.
Vivid Meaning and Definition. (a.) True to the life; exhibiting the appearance of life or freshness; animated; spirited; bright; strong; intense; as, vivid colors and vivid dreams
I realised that anything fluoresant is vivid, it stands out.
yellow/orange jackets that anyone on a road wears,neon lights, ambulances, fire engines and also highlighter pens!

I realised that Xanthe's new top today was quite vivid with the bright pink and orange! he loves it!
Our weather today has been very unusual We had blue skies and sunshine with lots of  black clouds and torrential rain at times as we bathed in the sunshine!! These photos were taken around 6pm

at 7pm

 Look how black this cloud above us is!!

 It is raining as I took this photo!!

Had a brilliant morning at the Gruffalo with Xanthe at the library. They gave all the children a Gruffalo cup cake!!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Sept week 3 WC and night sky

Here is tonight's sky having had some sunshine this late pm

 and having forgotten to take a photo earlier, here is last week's UKS weekly challenge, think my scrapping might be returning as I have started this week's already this pm!

My first LO for this year's holiday!


I have been thinking a lot today about Anne and wondering how her Dad is and whether they are going to fit a pacemaker and if she will be able to say in Marseilles this week. Sending her lots of love and prayers xx

Thought I would show you my desk yesterday, I started scrapping again and here is the WC in the making following a sketch. We had to use shades of pink and scraps of used papers. Pink has never been my favourite colour, although I do have a pink summer dress and a pink mac!!
I finished the WC last night having to use a lot of bling...not very me so was totally out of my comfort zone!
 I looked at a top this morning with these colours, I have definitely worn a lot of lime these past few seasons and purple seems to be a colour in fashion this season. Not sure about all these colours together on me!
My favourite colour which really suits me is turquoise and I wear a lot of this colour in the summer months as you can see from the collage of photos below!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Day 267 - ON YOUR DESK

Gosh yes there were only 100 days to go yesterday!!
The answer to the title..... is not a lot! Very little scrapping going on except a CJ each month and my scrapping class. In fact the desk top is from returning from the class over a week ago and photos I searched for before going, I still have my bag to empty! The sellotape and scissors are from wrapping up a present, so very little activity going on!
It is pouring with rain and very wintery today so we are having our dinner at lunchtime and off to the cinema to see Meryl Streep in Hope Street late afternoon. So no scrapping today, I had thought about the UKS WC but alas don't think I can scrap that quick!!!
Thank you for noticing my new photo, taken on our last holiday.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


The sky last night from the front of our house facing NE as we left for a meal out at 7.15pm. A bit blurred but though how pretty the sky looked.
I decided to get a quick photo as I sat for our Sat breakfast that Peter always cooks.
Does everyone have the same problem with pens (biros)? You can never find one then other times you have loads and wonder were they all come from? Well this pen has NEFF on it and is new to this household so wonder who left it here this week!!
I was told it was free listing on Ebay this weekend so started to try and fill in the selling form on Ebay for the records we have left, wish I had never started. Have decided not to go for the auction but to 'buy now'...that is not list free!! Now we are wondering about weight so need to weigh the records in the sets they are in and add to price and have free postage, got to get the scales out next, then take a photo of each collection.......LOL isn't life difficult at times

Friday, 21 September 2012

Day 265 - FRUIT

When I saw this word this morning I immediately decided not to take a picture of a piece of fruit or blackberries growing wild but to show a picture depicting LOVE...why?
As a Christian I believe in the FRUIT of the Spirit which the Bible tells us is love, joy, peace, patience,kindness,goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control but "....the greatest of these is love".
So here is my fruit today, a photo depicting love in the image of a heart.

I try daily to show love towards others, family, friends and strangers as Jesus did. Sadly sometimes I fail badly.
Today I went to Zumba for the 2nd photos of that session!! This afternoon we cut back tree hedges starting to winter the garden
Plenty of spiders and their webs outside!
and last night's sky with a fairly new moon and very moody clouds!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day 164 - BACK LIGHT

A strange day, busy but not busy!!! It started by doing DHW until my computer man came, I had read our photo prompt for the day and went into a "Oh NO" mode then realised it was an image with light behind it!!

I spent the rest of the morning with him, tweaking and clearing and cleaning up all unwanted programmes and stuff that has attached itself to my computer unknowingly to me. Discussing him putting in a bigger hard drive and looking at my external Hard drive and if I am backing up correctly!! I am not a very tech literate, what I can do I can do... what I don't know is a lot!!

It was lunchtime when he went and then Peter and I were off to do errands in the car ...WITHOUT my camera LOL!! The phone came to the rescue and these were the unexpected photos this pm from my and white was accidental, don't know what happened there on my phone!! Sorry that I am uploading all 4 photos but I was so pleased with them, taken from inside the car as we were driving at quite a speed, Peter doesn't do "slow down please" and "oh stop here"!!!!

needs straightening!! LOL to the lamp post!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


It's a beautiful day as I thought it would be after last night's sky. just for Ann a sky photo taken 2 mins ago!
The line of low pinkish cloud is over the South Downs and Beachy head could be seen if we chopped the tall tree down!
and now for a photo using negative space. Thanks Jo for telling us it means white space in scrapping jargon!! Have quite a few of these in my archives and choose one of Xanthe the last day of the school hols 3 weeks ago.
and here is Zac on Monday ready for his first Cub's evening. no negative space here!!
I must go and make the most of my day on my own as Peter has gone fishing for the day with a friend!
and from FB this Vampire DGD aged 16 aka Vicky Pollard!!
Eyebrows scared me on Monday when I saw her, she was blonde last time I saw her and black on Monday with the black eyebrows, apparently this is spray on!!