Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 270 - MUTED

mut·ed (my t d). adj. 1. a. Muffled; indistinct: a muted voice. b. Mute or subdued; 
softened: muted colors. Here is my photo of the mute button on our TV control
We have just got back from our second visit to the cinema this week! On Monday because of all the miserable wet weather we went to see Hope Springs and really had a good laugh and enjoyed it immensely. It wasn't quite what we had expected!! This morning whilst having breakfast and discussing our day we decided to leave everything and go to a 10am screening of Anna Karenina screenplay by Tom Stoppardwhich made it very different.
I took this sky photo of a rainbow, the first I have seen this week, I am sure there have been more behind our house but with the sun rising in the east I caught this one, not as vivid as Viv's!
This was the sky taken from the car driving back through the rain to Hastings

 we arrived home to sunshine and blue skies for a few mins before the rain arrived again!


  1. Ahhh, Col thought I'd like Hope Springs but he wasn't sure he would be able to stay awake thgrough it, so we saw the Sweeney on sunday.. and actually, despite a good splattering of gratuitous violence it was really good!

    1. He would def stay awake and he would laugh or squirm all the way through it!!! Go and see it. We are off to see The Sweeney next week, Peter thought I perhaps wouldn't like the violence or bad language!

  2. What a gorgeous rainbow, Lynne, love it !

  3. You rainbow colours are muted though Lynne.
    I'll give you a ring on Friday and we can arrange where to meet.

  4. I just love rainbows. The weather here has been rain and then bright blue skies as well.

  5. lovely photos and hope you enjoyed the cinema.

  6. Beautiful, and I hope to see Anna Karenina soon, oh and Hope Springs! xxx