Saturday, 29 September 2012

Day 273 - STRIPES

An easy one for me and quick too as I have visitors tomorrow....I wonder who?
So a bit of prepping to do and some time in the garden as it is a glorious day today, clear blue skies...where does the rain go? Tonight we are out at a 60's evening, so that will be interesting too!
Last night we babysat and Xanthe hates Mummy and Daddy going out and gets quite worked up. Grandad was driving them so they could drink. She wanted to wait up and see grandad and fell asleep instantly they went out in a chair. Guess what her PJ's were striped!!
When Grandad returned we didn't leave her like that, she was carried up to bed where she remained sleeping!


  1. PJs and socks with stripes and she looks so lovely ! It must be nice for you two to get and see her often. Think of me tomorrow, I would have loved so much being there too. xxx

  2. Bravo!
    Oh little asleep angel of the striped!
    Today - Saturday is a working day for us. So I am starting to dabble days. But tomorrow - we will be together again in our thoughts!
    Beautiful autumn!

  3. Aw bless her little (stripy) cotton socks

  4. She looks like Bagpuss in those stripy pink jim jams!

  5. gorgeous photo, love the stripy PJs and socks

  6. Yes, stripy socks as well :) What a cutie xxx

  7. Lovely legs, Lynne. It's lovely to see xantha asleep, it just shows she is comfortable with you.
    Although I didn't mention tomorrow in my blog, I am really looking forward to seeing you both again. It would have been lovely to see Anne as well but we can do it another time.