Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 269 - VIVID

As soon as I saw the word VIVID I thought about the dreams I sometimes have these days, they are very vivid dreams but how do you take a photo?
Although I knew the meaning of vivid, I googled it.
Vivid Meaning and Definition. (a.) True to the life; exhibiting the appearance of life or freshness; animated; spirited; bright; strong; intense; as, vivid colors and vivid dreams
I realised that anything fluoresant is vivid, it stands out.
yellow/orange jackets that anyone on a road wears,neon lights, ambulances, fire engines and also highlighter pens!

I realised that Xanthe's new top today was quite vivid with the bright pink and orange! he loves it!
Our weather today has been very unusual We had blue skies and sunshine with lots of  black clouds and torrential rain at times as we bathed in the sunshine!! These photos were taken around 6pm

at 7pm

 Look how black this cloud above us is!!

 It is raining as I took this photo!!

Had a brilliant morning at the Gruffalo with Xanthe at the library. They gave all the children a Gruffalo cup cake!!


  1. That last sky photo is very dramatic looks like a thunderbolt coming straight down.

  2. How sweet is the photo of the little one ! If that's the sky that's waiting for us home ..... xxx

  3. Xanthe is wearing my favourite colour. Some of those skies are amazing.

  4. Great skies.. And our Lilly loves the Gruffalo story x

  5. Wow, what amazing skies, I love the shots you take, please carry on until the end of the challenge!

    Xanthe's top is smashing.

    The Gruffalo said that no Gruffalo should, ever set foot in the Deep, Dark Wood. I know those books so well and The Gruffalo's child always makes my voice catch when I read it to my boys all snuggled up in bed....which happens less and less as they get older, boo.

  6. lovely top and great sky photos. I love the idea of a gruffalo day at the library.

  7. Great sky shots!
    Xanthe is charming!
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