Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day 164 - BACK LIGHT

A strange day, busy but not busy!!! It started by doing DHW until my computer man came, I had read our photo prompt for the day and went into a "Oh NO" mode then realised it was an image with light behind it!!

I spent the rest of the morning with him, tweaking and clearing and cleaning up all unwanted programmes and stuff that has attached itself to my computer unknowingly to me. Discussing him putting in a bigger hard drive and looking at my external Hard drive and if I am backing up correctly!! I am not a very tech literate, what I can do I can do... what I don't know is a lot!!

It was lunchtime when he went and then Peter and I were off to do errands in the car ...WITHOUT my camera LOL!! The phone came to the rescue and these were the unexpected photos this pm from my and white was accidental, don't know what happened there on my phone!! Sorry that I am uploading all 4 photos but I was so pleased with them, taken from inside the car as we were driving at quite a speed, Peter doesn't do "slow down please" and "oh stop here"!!!!

needs straightening!! LOL to the lamp post!


  1. That sky looks quite dramatic!!!!! Guy doesn't do 'slow down' whilst he's driving very well- although as he's a keen photographer he does sometimes turn round and take us back to the right view!

  2. Great light through the clouds, well done.

  3. I love the photos, it makes the sky look so dramatic.

  4. Roland is just like Peter. You backlight
    views a lovely.
    We are going to Kent straight from here and I have your mobile number on my mobile

  5. That sky reminds me of War of the Worlds!

  6. I can not say it better, so -
    I totally agree with KathiJo - decors of film
    War of the Worlds!
    I was just thought the same.
    Have a nice day!
    / I do not understand - you will come in Pamporovo or you've already been there?
    Bansko is also very good resort for the winter. /

    1. Went there 30yrs ago one Christmas with my boys and friends

    2. OMG! You have to come back!
      Say -
      I'll be back! I'll be back!
      Send you all my love!