Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 272 - BRIDGE

Today we have had Xanthe for 2nd time this week and have rushed home to feed cats etc (clear up!!) and back in 20mins to babysit until 9ish whilst their parents got to a work farewell drinks for a colleague.
My immediate thought was "bridges to build". I have done a lot of that in the past with new inlaws, step children, partners and parents at work.
Anyway Xanthe built me a bridge with her "lego"!!!
 It turned into a house
 with a Mummy and a Daddy!!!
In my archives I have many bridge photos in this country and on holidays. I have chosen to do a collage of bridges of Venice when we were there 2 years ago

Must go as my 20mins is up and off we go!!


  1. Isn't she cute ? I love her curly blond hair. Legos are so much fun to play with, young or less young ! xxx

  2. love the pink bricks, great bridge that Xanthe built too.

  3. I too fell in love with the pink bricks. I was watching children playing with Lego at school today. They were no different from how My brother and I were 40 odd years ago. It is truly a toy that has stood the test of time. Totally ageless.

  4. I just love little ones imaginations. The sky is the limit for them.
    Your Venice photos are lovely

  5. I bet you were the lovliest addition to the family.. I like the bridge building thoughts. I got Lilly from school today, unexpectedly and it was great x

  6. I love that she has her tongue out in concentration, such a sweetie.

    I agree that legos are fabulous, both my boys have been absorbed by them. xxx

  7. Great Xanthe's bridge! She is soo cute!
    Your Venice photos are lovely!
    Today is Saturday - you are invited friends evening ..
    Enjoy the evening!

  8. I chose a bridge in Italy for my 'bridge' too, but not in Venice!