Monday, 17 September 2012


Thank you Kathy for correcting me LOL, I am number dyslexic and have a huge problem with numbers and transferring them after reading them!!

Well today was my birthday and really don't want to think I am 67, I don't feel it but alas I am :( Too near now to 70!!!
This was my birthday pressie from Peter which we bought in Oporto whilst on holiday, it is on our kitchen wall already and love it! he also bought me a glass vase that I had seen last week xx
 I went out with the 'girls' for  coffee to our local garden centre and they had arranged for a complete lemon drizzle cake to arrive singing happy birthday to me!!
Here we all are, the golden oldies, I am the youngest in the group and remember us all in our thirties and forties, we had such wild parties in those days!!
And now to ground level. I actually put the camera on the floor and took a photo from that level of our lounge...a cat's eye view!! 
 Here is a snap shot from the ground outside
I have had a lovely day and from 5pm - 7pm family kept popping in and then Peter and I went out for dinner to a lovely Italian restaurant in town, we are just back. I have been very spoilt today!


  1. Ahhh you sound so happy and have had a great day. 8sn't it great you have friends you have known for so many years, I still see old school pals in the street but most of my friends are new since scrapping began 4 years ago! Love the fish and her Lippy x

  2. Happy Birthday Lynne. What a lovely day you had. Isn't it gorgeous to be spoiled sometimes ? You have such a bright smile, forget your age, it's just a number ! xxxx

  3. What a lovely day you have had for your birthday.
    I love your ground level photos too.

  4. Sounds like a lovely birthday Lynne and yum at the cake!

  5. Happy Birthday Lynne!
    What a lovely day!
    You are awesome! You look great for your 58 and 9 years.
    /You are my zodiac sign! /
    I love to see your photos - they are filled with joy! They say - hey, here's a happy girl!
    Stay young in your heart!
    Happy Birthday!