Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 256 - NAIL

Well how good was this word for a pedicure today? except I have already done nails with my hands!! Any way here is a collage for the pedicure and then I  electoylisis which as I told \Kthy I have every 2 weeks 
Here is the house  2 weeks on, now the tiles are going on the roof!
and another nail photo
Holding this that I have had for many years from a friend!!
 Hey to all you scrappers... I went to Anita McDonalds class at Cardinal Colours this morning and here is my LO, the 1st from our last cruise of DH , just love him to bits xxxxxx Is my mojo returning for Winter? I do hope so!!!


  1. Great nails !
    Your LO is so beautiful. I love the colors and Peter looks just gorgeous ! I never met him (obviously, lol) but he does look like somebody you can get very fond of, very easily. A kind heart !
    Oh and me a really early riser ? No no no. My early is 6:45 and before that, I need an alarm and an obligation to get up ! Although on holidays, going up for watching a sunrise, I do like.

  2. Congratulations for the excellent post today! The photos are gorgeous!
    Today I got another lesson from you - pedicure every two weeks! Thank you!
    The idea of ​​a balanced diet -
    "..a cream cake in each hand" -is good! I wonder what you are doing with these cupcakes - eat them?
    Another diet -
    "- In the morning - you boil one egg. For lunch you have to peeling it. And for dinner ..
    - Wait, wait, when you eat that egg?
    - And for dinner you have to throw that egg!"
    Wonderful Project ; sumptuous design and photo of Peter - stunning!
    Great tie!

  3. Such a wonderful layout Lynne :) Your love for him shines through it, Hello winter mojo :)

    Pedicure sounds wonderful xxx

  4. Wonderful page and a lovely photo of Peter. Well done on getting your Mojo back
    love the balanced diet

  5. Yes, we can see how much you think of him.. awhh.. and I think winter is lovely for scrapping those summer pictures! xx

  6. lovely layout and i so like the quote from your friend :)

  7. Lovely LO. I have never had a manicure, almost got a pedicure while we were abroad but they were too busy.

  8. I love the picture of Peter and the layout. He is very photogenic (and so are you!). You two make such a sweet couple. I enjoyed the short time we got to spend together.