Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 250 - COLOUR

Colour I always think of bold bright colours for that word!! So I looked for colour in my brown and cream and neutral kitchen
Here is a jug I like to use for our milk which I love but sadly doesn't really fit in with our colour combination in our kitchen now. Anyway I still use it!
 This looked really red but when I look at the photo it seems to have lost it's colour, it is the raspberry coulis to go with white choc raspberry meringue roulade for sat night dessert. Yes I am nearly ready for Sat now, still 2 chairs short of 12 so asking a friend to bring 2!!

 Someone mentioned colours when I displayed my new baskets. We now have nectarines with the last of our beans,
It has been another lovely day though at teatime it turned chilly so def know Autumn is slowly creeping in :(
Peter and I nearly came to blows as we tried to tackle the garden together. We really don't work well together, I am very bossy and can plan well (see I said I was bossy!!)and he with age has sadly become stubborn. He wanted to prune the willow tree so early and I said it would ruin the garden for Sat evening...anyway he did listen to me (well I was a teacher!) and we tidied up and it is now looking cared for and ready for wintering in a few weeks this space.
Here is the said willow half chopped

 Chopped and in spring starting to leaf!!
Enough said!!
Just popped back to add these lovely sunset phtos 10mins ago. Going to be a lovely day again tomorrow!

Can you see a branch of the willow sticking up!!


  1. What a difference a couple of seasons make!

    If I bring a chair, do I get roulade? :D xxx

    1. Yes! Shall I email you the addie!! Will put the recipe on my blog on Sunday!

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  3. gorgeous sunset lynne. Hope you and Peter are friends again:)

  4. What a Sunset, Lynne. Love it !
    Yes isn't it silly to stress on LSNED, lol ? It was the same for me last year. I stress but it bring some so much at the same time ! xx

  5. Wish I was coming to tea - that meringue sounds yummy!

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the recipe on Sunday Lynn. I'm dying to try it.
    I think yourself and Peter sound very much like Roland and I when things are getting done (or not getting done)

  7. PS I forgot to say I love your sunset photos

  8. Great images and it seems it was a great sunset in the west for you too.. x