Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 255 - HAIR

It Xanthe day today with Nanny and Grandad though Grandad goes to work am! We are off to the toddlers gym am and then home until we pick her brother Zac up from school at 3.15, a short afternoon!
As I picked up the prompt Xanthe was having her breakfast and the sun was shining on her fine,soft baby hair which is beginning to curl. Funny enough I asked her Mumthis morning if she was going to cut it or let her grow her hair. Yes she is going to grow it and see what it is like.


  1. She has such pretty hair I'm glad they are going to let it grow.

  2. Great hair! Pooh!
    I keep a strand of hair from Vlady. My mother kept long braids of hair from my grandmother and also my braids.
    Over time the blond hair becomes a darker.

  3. Baby hair is so beautiful. I hope you will keep a lock for her later.

  4. she has beautiful blonde hair, hope you both enjoyed the gym :)