Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 254 -LEG

Immediately I saw the word legs I would be blogging this this morning.
I hope you are not put off by this collage but like Anne I have had 2 bad accidents falling down stairs. The first one was 9 broken bones in my L foot and then in 2009 I fell down concrete steps to our garage and completely split open my leg to the shin bone.The accident happened in the October and was only just healing up in February 2010.
 It has left me with a fear of going down steps and I still think the scar is very obvious, bottom R and scraolled through back photos and bottom L are my legs before the accident, photo in the middle is a year later you can just see the scar below my dressing gown and bottom R 
a photo I took of my shin this morning. I am surprised the scar hardly shows but I do have skin staining 
Now to show you photos of some of our 'finds' at DIL's late Dad's house yesterday!

 and I am now off to do the ironing with then 'new' iron and ironing board!! A quiet in day today!
Carol hs just rung and feeling flat as her man friend has just left to travel back to wiltshire so she is coming round for a coffee. Oh and there were no plans to coordinate with my tablecloths and china, though they all know it is blue!!!


  1. Oh My God, Lynne, what an accident ! Lucky you, not to have broken your neck.
    As of listening and talking , I think we need both. What would we do if everybody was listening but nobody was talking, lol ! xxx

  2. Wow I bet you are so glad that it is all healed up.. at the time I bet it was endless , the waiting for it to be better.. x

  3. That was a very nasty leg so glad the scar is almost invisible now.
    lol to the colour coordination
    Wow to the new goodies

  4. Ouch at the leg, but pleased its healed well. Well done on your new finds too.

  5. You certainly had a bad accident there, Lynne. It's good to see the scar has almost gone.

  6. Nasty fall! Glad your leg healed nicely. Love the stemware!

  7. Hello! Today my boss again decided that I'm too beautiful to have to work. He is working my work ..
    I have time to read.
    What an accident, Lynne! I also have a scar on my leg.
    As a kid - football. I dare not show it. In sports classes, my teacher thought this is a loop pantyhose. I must remove this fashion tights ..