Saturday, 22 September 2012


The sky last night from the front of our house facing NE as we left for a meal out at 7.15pm. A bit blurred but though how pretty the sky looked.
I decided to get a quick photo as I sat for our Sat breakfast that Peter always cooks.
Does everyone have the same problem with pens (biros)? You can never find one then other times you have loads and wonder were they all come from? Well this pen has NEFF on it and is new to this household so wonder who left it here this week!!
I was told it was free listing on Ebay this weekend so started to try and fill in the selling form on Ebay for the records we have left, wish I had never started. Have decided not to go for the auction but to 'buy now'...that is not list free!! Now we are wondering about weight so need to weigh the records in the sets they are in and add to price and have free postage, got to get the scales out next, then take a photo of each collection.......LOL isn't life difficult at times


  1. I noticed you have updated the photo of you on your blog, it looks lovely. Dont have that problem with pens...I think I am the only one who uses them in this house :)

  2. I love your new blog photo :)

    Yes, and why when there are new random pens are the ones you like nowhere to be seen? xxx

  3. I like your blog photo. xxx
    I'm the one who always loses pens in our house I carry them round the house then put them down and I have no idea where I've put them. Roland knows exactly where his pens are and I don't touch those.

  4. Great new photo.. Pens get eaten. ... Or something in our house and office!

  5. Love your new photo! You seem to be looking younger than ever before. How do you do it?

  6. Congratulations Lynne - What an interesting sky!
    If the pen was in our house - it woe!
    Vlady will dismantle this pen and he could see what was inside.
    Then he assembled again - always remains a part. Result - the pen does not work. / It has a new direction - the trash!/
    I love your new blog photo TOO :)