Thursday, 27 September 2012


Definition: 1. by chance, without plan, or without design; 
               2. unorganized or illogical. Synonyms: random, aimless, chance, unplanned, unsystematic, erratic,

This was so difficult. I never do anything without a plan! But I found out as I talked to Peter today that occasionally he does the lottery. Here is a lottery ticket from Sept 12th!! A chance to win some money?
He also does the local hospice Raffle tickets called the St Michael's Hospice Lottery. I guess to do this is better than the national Lottery but I never gamble with any raffle tickets, I would rather just give money than buy anything!
Another 2 weeks have gone by and now the roof is on the barn where I go for electrolysis and pedicure! I went this morning 
Here is one of our cats Florrie, found by Peter in his jumper cupboard last night!! Pm we took her and her sister Mae for their annual vaccinations  and check up, they are 5 yrs old and had a senior check up LOL!!
I am so excited as Viv and Roland are going to come to Hastings on Sunday and we will take them round our town (they have visited before) and then we will have dinner back at our house


  1. I so agree with you re lottery and raffles I would and have given money rather than do them and I also never sponsor people I would if I thought it right give a donation but only if I thought it right

  2. Lynne,
    wonderful post! I love your thoughts and photos. I already saw the post of Anne, and now yours. Very glad that you will meet Viv and Roland. Wish you a wonderful evening together!
    / I remind you - if you have the desire to get a free calendar 2013 - you can leave a message on my e-mail -
    I can send it to the post station - on demand./
    I have a lot of work and late to post here, and writing comments. Forgive me.
    Enjoy your evening!

  3. Where I used to work had a syndicate for the lottery. When I left I joked that I had won far more than they had as hadn't put any money in and they had lost quite a bit.
    Love your cats photo, ours loves cuddling up in cupboards and drawers as well.

  4. What a lovely photo of Florrie, she seems in 7th Heaven ! I am so pleased you will meet Viv and Roland again. I wish I could have been there, but it's really too complicated right now. xxx

  5. Great for you to be meeting up with Viv and Roland again.

  6. Florrie is lovely. I hope she is also OK after her checkup.
    We're really looking forward to Sunday. We only went to the sea front when we went the last time so it will be good to see the town.

  7. Lovely to have a meet up :)

    Great photos and what a good idea on the lottery ticket xxx

  8. Lots of hazhazardness there!