Saturday, 15 September 2012


When I saw the prompt this morning I thought we have done this word before LOL!! I scrolled back to find it on day 107 . A few mins ago I went to Suzie site again and saw what she had said and read kathi's comment too, thank you Kathi xxx or should it be Kathy?

Well I have taken a photo of the same tree and noted I had winter, spring together so have combined today's on LH side with pots still not emptied and a seat from last Sat, how hot it was last week for my meal. It is still a lovely day but there is that Autumnal chill in the air!!
I got up and posted on my team SG that we were going to do all the rest of the hanging baskets and tubs today. Instead I played on my computer and Peter washed up and then I popped to Sainsbury for bits I needed to make a Granola from a Jamie recipe in Mail TV guide from last week. Peter has started his footie Saturdays with his friend so he has gone and now I am cooking and then going to read my book whilst this sunshine lasts, another lazy day !!
Here is the granola, and recipe for a chicken dish (as if I don't have enough recipes LOL!) and blackberries for an apple and blackberry crumble for peter for a few days and raspberries for me with some yoghurt tonight!


  1. Well I use KathiJo on my blog things as I used it on my hotmail when I couldn't get my name.. Kathi Jones.. but now I think KathiJo sounds like I should live in the US Deep South and wear gingham dresses and cook and scrapbook all day.. ohh I almost do!! The 'i' got used instead of Kath'y' when I was a pretentios teenager and it stuck.. and of course my original family all call me Kathryn!!
    Love granola and how good to have your own footie Saturday perks x

  2. What a lovely day and what a nice lot of lovely food. xxx

  3. Roland watches football on Saturday at home but it also gives me a free day.

  4. hope you enjoyed your cooking...did you manage any scrapping?? :)

  5. Sorry I am late on commenting ! That's a beautiful tree and what a stunning difference !
    Meeting in Brighton is going to be tough. Dennis is all over the place and mainly only coming back on week-ends. If we are alone, of course I don't want to go anywhere, so it has to be a week-end when the kids are here so they all also cam look after the girls. Very complicated, so much easier when people come to me, but I am sure we will find a