Monday, 24 September 2012


I have been thinking a lot today about Anne and wondering how her Dad is and whether they are going to fit a pacemaker and if she will be able to say in Marseilles this week. Sending her lots of love and prayers xx

Thought I would show you my desk yesterday, I started scrapping again and here is the WC in the making following a sketch. We had to use shades of pink and scraps of used papers. Pink has never been my favourite colour, although I do have a pink summer dress and a pink mac!!
I finished the WC last night having to use a lot of bling...not very me so was totally out of my comfort zone!
 I looked at a top this morning with these colours, I have definitely worn a lot of lime these past few seasons and purple seems to be a colour in fashion this season. Not sure about all these colours together on me!
My favourite colour which really suits me is turquoise and I wear a lot of this colour in the summer months as you can see from the collage of photos below!


  1. Mmm, if I went for the colour I wear most, adly it would be black! Maybe I should look back over the latest pictures, maybe it will tell me otherwise..I know what you mean about layouts which just don't gel for you.. but then they are finished and you like them!

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts Lynne. You will read on my blog, Dad is home. Turquoise is def. your color ! xxx

  3. Well done on the scrapping, I am doing this weeks WC so we must have got a little mojo back. I love turquiose too- well it is a kind of blue isnt it :)

  4. Lots of us have turquoise as a favourite colour!

  5. Wonderful pictures - wonderful memories!
    This stone church resembles a church in Nessebar.
    I see this yesterday evening.
    Actually my parents do not have such pictures - only the two. It still says my father at the end of his days. Sorry ..
    I had to write it.
    That's why I'm so glad for your photos!
    Wonderful colors!