Friday, 21 September 2012

Day 265 - FRUIT

When I saw this word this morning I immediately decided not to take a picture of a piece of fruit or blackberries growing wild but to show a picture depicting LOVE...why?
As a Christian I believe in the FRUIT of the Spirit which the Bible tells us is love, joy, peace, patience,kindness,goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control but "....the greatest of these is love".
So here is my fruit today, a photo depicting love in the image of a heart.

I try daily to show love towards others, family, friends and strangers as Jesus did. Sadly sometimes I fail badly.
Today I went to Zumba for the 2nd photos of that session!! This afternoon we cut back tree hedges starting to winter the garden
Plenty of spiders and their webs outside!
and last night's sky with a fairly new moon and very moody clouds!


  1. You are one of the kindest persons I "met" Lynne. xxx

  2. Lynee what a great way to look at the prompt. You are such a lovely person and I am lucky to have met you and be ab able to call you a friend, I dont think you have ever failed in caring for others. Well done on zumba. Looks like a busy time in the garden.

  3. ...You say - you are bad with computers. But you are you doing things that other people can not!
    Dear Lynne - you are wonderful! Nobody wants that - you to command space station!
    Congratulations to today's post!
    /I hope you can meet Anne!/

  4. Lynne what a lovely outlook on life, and I bet you never really fail. Well done on the Zumba. xxx

  5. Perfect definition of Fruit. and I love the sky photos

  6. Lovely thoughts Lynne. . and I love the night sky pics x

  7. Lovely photos and sentiments Lynne.
    You are very brave going to zumba

  8. I am writing again - because:
    1. Thank you for your interest in my blog!
    2. The heart is very beautiful.
    3. Congratulations to Zumba!
    4. Great photos, Captain!