Friday, 7 September 2012

251 - HANDS

I have always bitten and chewed my nails I am ashamed to say but often on holiday I manage to grow them. Often my journalling especially at the beginning of 365 in 2008 mentions to try and grow my nails along with losing weight. 
Well I am back from holiday and had them long with polish during the holiday and today I was retouching my nails for tonight and tomorrow so I got Peter to take these photos.
Another summer day and all the washing is on the line, the bed has been changed and I am just going to clean the lounge for our visitors tomorrow.
Tonight we are out with friends to see 42nd St in Eastbourne, we have seen it before but happy to see a live show anytime.


  1. You have lovely nails, Lynne. It looks like a busy day tomorrow

  2. I used to chew my nails until when I was 13 an auntie of mine offered me for Xmas a magnificient leather nail kit with all the accessories you can dream of inside.I was so upset that I couldn't do anything with my Xmas present, that I stopped biting my nails a couple of weeks later ! xx

  3. Lovely nails, well done for not biting them!

    I hope you enjoy the show, I have been to get the theatre programme for this season and there are a couple of shows that I think the kids would enjoy :D xx

  4. lovely colour for your nails, have a good night.

  5. Mmm, I have trouble growing mine, I have gel nails quite often and that helps but this week I have been a bit stressed so the nails have suffered.. tidy up tomorrow! Xx

  6. I apologize - I missed writing here. Your manicure is perfect!
    I read Anne's comment. I did remember another gift - yoga classes. After two weeks:
    - Well, how are you?
    - Oh, great! Now without any problems I fret my toenails!
    Smile! - This is a joke, for your guests.