Wednesday, 19 September 2012


It's a beautiful day as I thought it would be after last night's sky. just for Ann a sky photo taken 2 mins ago!
The line of low pinkish cloud is over the South Downs and Beachy head could be seen if we chopped the tall tree down!
and now for a photo using negative space. Thanks Jo for telling us it means white space in scrapping jargon!! Have quite a few of these in my archives and choose one of Xanthe the last day of the school hols 3 weeks ago.
and here is Zac on Monday ready for his first Cub's evening. no negative space here!!
I must go and make the most of my day on my own as Peter has gone fishing for the day with a friend!
and from FB this Vampire DGD aged 16 aka Vicky Pollard!!
Eyebrows scared me on Monday when I saw her, she was blonde last time I saw her and black on Monday with the black eyebrows, apparently this is spray on!!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Lynne, you are a very kind person, but don't worry for me, I am OK. Sometimes I have some hidden resources I can feed on , lol. xxx

    1. Glad you are OK but I do worry LOL!!

  2. Great photos. I love the one of your DGD, Must be Lauren's friend :D

    Love the sky one as well. x

  3. Lovely photos- and a beautiful view you have.

  4. Gorgeous picture of your grand-daughter - she makes a fab vampire!!

  5. Lovelypictures, ahh how they grow from little 'uns to teens .. way too fast!

  6. I popped back to say I am in Ilfracombe, North Devon :) I love my town, it has a bad reputation and I can see the bad bits, but mainly it is lovely bits :) xxx

  7. Great photo's I especially love the one of your DGD.

  8. Congratulations for the wonderful photos!
    Yesterday I told my mom about you.
    You are my positive character - hero.
    "The world is one big village" - said one politician.
    Who knows...,
    Lynne and Peter -
    Grab your grandchildren next year and let the sea in Bulgaria!
    I wish you success!

  9. What lovely photos, Lynne. The children are great. I actually like the colour of your DGD's hair