Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 17 - INSIDE a building

Today we had Peter's sister's funeral our second funeral this week!! Quite a week eh!! Anyway we are home and chilling tonight and here I am scratching my head for a photo inside a building, so cheating today with a photo I used on FB for Man's mark on the World this week!!

I took this last year in SW Brittany when when we walked up this lighthouse to see the view from the top. I then took a photo looking down all the steps we had climbed up!!
Phare D'Eckmuhl Pen'marche
 The Views from the top of the lighthouse

There was a newspaper article at the entrance saying in french thet yearly they do a race to the top, the fastest man pictured  had run up all these steps in around 1 min, it took me many, many minutes LOL!!


  1. I went to France for my building picture too x

  2. Wonderful photos Lynne. Oh my, I would never have been able to do all those stairs! Looking down them all makes me dizzy! LOL

  3. I saw this earlier today, I'm very impressed - very beautiful place!
    Many thanks for sharing this with us!
    Amazing - those stairs!

  4. love the photos of the stairs i ould never walk down them , would have a panic attack