Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 7 - BLUE today

I haven't mentioned the weather whilst blogging. The UK especially the SW and W coastline has been hit really badly since Christmas by torrential rain swelling rivers and causing the worst floods for decades and since the new year gales have added to high sea tides causing coastal flooding and eroding parts of our already crumbling coastline!. We have been lucky to avoid any flooding or any damaged caused by the high winds. We are told that these gales and stormy weather has been caused by the very cold weather on E coast of USA and that by next week we are due to have some Arctic weather in N and E of UK!!
To day it is dry and although windy for the first time for weeks my washing is on the line! Hooray!!
Today's colour is blue. A colour that both Peter and I love and we both wear a lot of blue and have blue in our bathroom and did have in our kitchen until last year!
My shoes and trousers today!
Our bathroom and toilet, not taken today as we have no sunshine nor any windows open!!


  1. Congratulations for the excellent look and ideas on topic of the day.
    Lynne - your bathroom and WC looks great!
    I'm always very glad photos of your garden and laundry - so great facility - I don't know the word - How do you say it in English.
    It is a dream of every housewife - space.

    1. clothes line in garden or rotary dryer is the posh word!!

    2. Thank you very much!
      /I should learn the good manners! Smile!/

  2. yes i like blue too. As for how much wool i need, thats like asking a scrapper how much paper they need, lol....at the moment its all practice :)

  3. I must catch up with you all very soon. I also like blue but my colours say I shouldn't wear it.

  4. I love to see how your garden is different every time I look at one of your photos.

  5. I don't have much blue..A bit more in the summer. .esp turquoise ..more black than navy x

  6. love your bath room and loo very bright

  7. I love your garden and I am jealous that you can hang your laundry outside. We are not allowed to do that here.