Friday, 31 January 2014

31st January - View of friends or family

Oops went to look for today's view on Lucky 7 and found I did today's yesterday LOL!!
So what do I chose for today's photo?  I am not seeing any friends today it is a home and driving places day so will go into my archives and retrieve, probably some scrapping friends as I think I have done a lot about family and our cats!!

Ok all sorted.... I started scrap booking when I retired from teaching in 2008 and started scrapping here are a few friends I made, sadly some I now no longer see :(
 My first trip to Alexander Palace I met 2 of my UK teamies Ailsa and Gail, sadly no longer in touch with either of them :(
A group of us continued to scrap locally at one of our church halls weekly I am on the LH side and I had just got Carol scrapping, she is on the RH opposite me!
We also went to a local crop nd here I am with Chris and Anne, sadly never see them either :(
 Here I am in Pevensey E Sussex with 2 teamies Tara and Karen, we are still in touch and I see Karen at a local monthly crop
A retreat in Eastbourne with Tara, Zoe and Liz, never see Zoe or Liz!! 
At the same retreat are the girls from our local crop plus friends Tara and 'London' Karen:
One of our team from UKS, The Dizzy Dots lived in Bali and came over to the UK for a retreat, she came to visit and stay with us before travelling north with Karen from Pevensey. Susie now lives in Bali.
Tara visited us whilst Susie was with us :)
Here I am with Diane another Dizzy Dot at Ally Pally. Recently she hasn't joined in with our chat, I do miss her!
I could continue with friends I am nowadays really close too, but focussed on 'lost' friends:(


  1. Wonderful pictures Lynne! You have lots of friends. So many of mine are scattered so far away we don't get to see each other often. Also, a lot of them still work so that only leaves the weekends. We stay in touch via FB and make plans to get together but it just doesn't happen as often as I would like. You are lucky!

  2. Wondering why your scrapbooking pals fell by the wayside.. did they move or did you move 'on' to other things? I was an avid member of a new group for about 4 years but family and other things came along and also it became less about the photos and the memory and more about the techniques.. but I do plan to do more at home soon. xx

  3. It is sad how some friends disappear, but lovely to make new friends. Like you I also have good friends who I just don't see any more and I am not sure why.

  4. it is difficult/sad when friends move on, but enjoy your time meeting new friends.

  5. Wonderful pictures and memories, Lynne!