Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21st January - MY world - Mon -VISITOR and Tues - XANTHE TODAY

Mon was a new challenge week and the idea came from Borqna, thank you.
Each day we show a picture in our world with Mon 1 word and increasing each day.

Mon 20th - Visitor We had a new fishing friend of Peter's to dinner tonight, he has been fishing in our world (E Susses) today from where he lives Kent.
I also went to a car wash on Monday and would you believe...no phone for a shot and no camera...typical and it would have been such a good shot for my world and for inside last week. I was cross with myself!!

Tues 21st - Xanthe today It was our day to have here again so a good chance for a photo shoot but she decided to be silly!
After breakfast I took her back to their village to playgroup for the morning. It was very cold 1C and thick fog but after dropping her off I stopped the car for a photo shoot (yes both camera and phone today!) The sun was trying to burn off the fog at 9.10am
30mins later I was outside my house to catch a bus into town and the sky was bright blue and wonderful sunshine
It didn't last long before dark clouds from the west started to come over and now it is cold and looking like more rain but still cold!!
WI at Slimming World tonight, hope I have lost more and get my 1st certificate that I should have had last week :(


  1. Yep..rain travelling from us in the west! As always x lovely fog shot ..xx

  2. Good luck with the weigh in, hope you get your certificate.

  3. Exellent, dear Lynne!
    Xanthe - looks great, like an opera singer!
    She is an artistic child.
    I'm glad you found the words!!
    Thank you!

  4. The fog photo is really lovely . Hope weigh in went well

  5. Great photos. Henry drives me crazy sometimes wanting to be silly when I want to take a picture of him. He has this thing about wanting to stick his tongue out lately. I love the picture with the fog. It was foggy here yesterday as well (Monday). Good lucky with the SW. I hope you lost the weight you wanted to.

  6. Lovely photos. I love the one with the fog and Xanthes lovely face.