Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 166 - FACE

Well our blogs are really becoming 'dear diaires'! I blame Anne for her lovely journalling and photos each day from the 'Red Whale' LOL!! 
I know I love reading her daily journalling (need to catch up on 2 days!) and with others too! Thank you Ann for making us into daily bloggers and to Suzie for getting us together with blog photos

I suppose I am waffling today as I have only one photo and my day was not really interesting!
I went to my monthly scrapping class which I love as the papers and theme and LO are all chosen for us by our teacher Anita M, so not a lot of brain power needed so lots of chat and at the end of the morning a LO is produced! It certainly boosts the mojo which is lacking with me at the moment :(

I haven't taken a photo yet as some bling has to be added but tomorrow I will show you the LO...I promise

So Day 166 FACE was not to be mine, or Peter's or Xanthe's! I decided on the face of a clock and here is the clock that Peter got 20yrs ago when he retired at 57yrs. How marvellous to say you have had 20yrs retired from full time work and more important collected a work pension for those years too!! The clock use to chime but sadly doesn't anymore, cos it is old!!!!


  1. looks a lovely clock, shame its lost its chime. Well done on the LO, look forward to seeing it.

  2. Yes, what a great retirement :) Love the clock face!

  3. Like your idea of ​​a clock face. Here is the hidden the face of time. Interesting story.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. What a beautiful clock face,

  5. That's a beautiful clock Lynne.
    Want to know a secret? I always swore I never ever would have a blog because I thought it was so ridiculous to expose daily your own life to some people you ever didn't know. Looks like Suzie with her 365 gave me a complete change my mind as I enjoy so much now boring others with all my bla bla bla, lol !!!