Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 170 - Day...but different - Day 4

Yesterday Lynne and Peter took me out in the afternoon...but I wasn't allowed to be in any photos????
We went to see the farm that Ann and Charlie have been working on for the past year whilst Lynne and Peter went for body improvements, called electolyisis and pedicures for them????
 Here is Anne outside the barn that will be finally there home
This is the cottage which will be a holiday let but where they will live til their home the barn is ready
 The kitchen and living room
 This is where the treatment room will be!!!!
 Peter and Anne outside their temporary home looking out to the barn with the tractors. They have 19 fields to look after LOL!!
 Their temporary home as we left yesterday, I do for a pedicue next week !!!
 At last Lynne has left me alone to blog  ...breakfast at 8.15 in Sainsburys!! 
 I couldn't eat that food LOL!!

Well we took Blue Cat with us but he wasn't very happy with all the shopping, no fish insight!!
 I too wasn't impressed being put in the shopping trolley and left to avoid being squashed, think Lynne forgot about us to be honest!!
 Anyway I had a different view from the car on the way home
 Oh forgot to say that this morning I thought I would try to blog on my own, typically Lynne caught me trying to show you a LO that I was going to say I had done, Oh never mind will try to impress another day :)


  1. Lynne.. it's just brilliant xx

  2. Clemmie has been having a lot of fun :) xx

  3. Love Clemmie, Lynne. He is as mischeivious as my toys . Perhaps we shouldn't let them meet in September. Your friends place looks fascinating.

  4. oh very good lynne, love the new farm house and the pic of clemmie in the car :)

  5. Great to see Clemmie back on your blog. Looms like he is having fun as always :)

  6. lol CLemmie - you've had a great day. Your friends new place looks amazing.

  7. Great photos! Very good Lynne!