Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 160 - VINTAGE

We finally seem to be getting back to normal after the Jubilee celebrations and half term with DGC.
It has been a terribly windy day and this morning I went out with my friend Carol to buy food for a BBQ we are supposed to be having tomorrow at her house and then on to a garden centre for coffee.
This afternoon I packed up my CJ to be posted and thought I would show you the 3 pages I have done sat the beginning of the album, it is about our 3 visits to the state of Montana, USA

 Day 160 - Vintage 
Thank you Anne for the meaning of the word, " characterised by excellence, maturing, length of existence,age" Immediately I realised that there would be no photo of fine wine as I am happy with Merlot at £5 a bottle!! I have no heirlooms lurking around the house BUT I do have an excellent mature man of 77yrs...a very good 'vintage' LOL!! Kim I decided to find some photos of him smiling, (he isn't always grumpy)

Let's hope these winds die down tonight and it stays dry for tomorrow!!


  1. Ahhh- what a wonderful subject for vintage. He looks lovely!

  2. I just love your hubby Lynne, he is not only handsome, he looks like a very kind person too. Don't tell him that, he might believe it and get a big head !

  3. Thats a lovely photo of Peter smiling. Anne, he is a kind man.

  4. Definitely happier when he is not within earshot of MacDonald's isn't he! My Col must be feeling his new age today.. 49.. as he offered to be my vintage prompt!

  5. lovely photos of peter, hope you have a good bbq and the weather behaves. your cj looks great too

  6. YES - What a wonderful subject for vintage!- excellent!
    Great idea!