Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 174 - Sunshine

We were asked to snap the sun or if this wasn't possible to show some sunshine in my life.

It is a very blustery and cloudy day here and everytime the sun appeared and I went to get the camera the clouds blew and covered up the sun!!
I then thought about the DGC who are the sunshine of our lives but that meant looking for updated photos of the oldest and sadly don't often have phtos of them these days.
Anyway here is of course my sunshine Peter taking off our kitchen tiles in readiness for a re makeover of new cupboards, replacing the faulty ones that are only 3 yrs old in 2 weeks time. We are having the cupboards replaced free and have decided to have new worktops and sink and hob and tiles which are 14yrs old.
 I spent the morning packing away as much as I could from the worktops into we go again!
 As I said there has been a lot of clouds and some blue sky and sunshine but could not get a clear sun photo today!! Boy was it blowing a gale!!

These are the best I could come up with!  Have better in my archives!


  1. No, that is definitely sunshine blasting its way through those lovely clouds.. funny, I took my picture two days ago and started writing the words last night, before the prompt!!

  2. We complain about the clouds but they show that little bit of sun off brilliantly.

  3. Clouds ! My favorites ! Beautiful pictures.

  4. looks like Peter is going to be kept busy. You definately got some sun today, great photos of it peeping between the clouds

  5. Beautiful sunshine all round :)