Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 182 - GOTHIC

Sorry not to get on yesterday but we had a really busy day and I did have time to find my photo but then had the old laptop keep crashing on me!! I even tried at nearly 1am this morning when once more it closed, so I gave up and went to bed!!
I chose Gothic architecture for my word GOTHIC as we often visit the north part of France via the Chunnel and Amiens is a favourite place. Here is the their church a classic Gothic church built in 13th  century. Looks slightly crooked from the angle I took it!!!
Well all the kitchen doorss, worktops,sink, hob etc have arrived, the holes are plastered and cupboards are being emptied and dirty shelves!!! being cleaned. We have the rest to do today after Peter and son Alun have cut our large hedge between rain showers.
Yesterday we had bowls in afternon and then Peter's choirs concert and then a party afterwards so a very enjoyable day
Here is Peter on the left in the choir last night 
Off now to see what you all came up with for Gothic and see what our word is for today!


  1. I visited that church and it is indeed very beautiful. xxx

  2. the church is very impressive. Sounds like a very busy day.