Saturday, 21 July 2012


A  Happier day you will all be pleased to know!!
We were invited to go out of Rye today on our friends boat. They brought Caledris back from the States last year after it being there for 10years and finally got it back in the water a few months ago. This was the first time out in the English Channel this year. I thought Peter would give up his bowls to come today as he loves going out with them but each time the boat has been becalmed!
Here I am arriving this morning
Peter drove me over and said goodbye after taking our photo
 Here is MY THREE'S A CROWD photo couldn't be more perfect for today!

 At their moorings we had to wait for the tide to turn before we could leave.
 Here is the town of Rye as we went down the River Rother to the open sea
 and Rye harbour and the Harbour Masters HQ before the open sea
 It was the Run for Gold races today which we went out to watch
 Here I am at the helm, looking very nervous at first!!!
 John putting the sails down as we came back to the river mouth
 and here we are going back to Rye Harbour 
We were back home at 4pm and I have sat outside in glorious hot sunshine in shorts and top reading and drinking a nice glass of red wine

and about the socks I never lose a pair these days...(I did when the boys lived with us, I swear socks have a life of their own LOL!!) but the seem to change sizes and length somehow and Peter cannpt see that!!!


  1. looks like a lovely day, shame Peter didnt join you, but you all looked to have fun. Such a nice day for it too :)

  2. What beautiful, beautiful photos Lynne, just the tonic you needed, so glad to hear you feel better :) xxx

  3. I'm so glad you had a better day today.
    It looks like you really enjoyed yourself.

  4. I read today that water is the best place to relax.. and regenerate.. did so today too.. but no sails for us, he is a engine man! Glad it was good and nice to have bowls and sailing to talk about when you both get home.. xx

  5. What a fun day you had. You see, nice days also follow bad days. xx

  6. Glad you had a nice day. It has been so hot here today even being out on the water would have been miserable.