Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 204 - ONE

We had a lovely day but was unable to blog due to computer last night, seems calm this morning so posting before I do the weekly shop
We had a bowls fun day and here I am ONE person having a practise!! before the competition!! I did really well and we won the competition, £24 between 3 of us!!
The raffle prizes!!!
Buffet tea, so much food, I sat outside with the a cuppa and and avoided the food! Not SW friendly
It was a perfect summer's day, bright blue sky, hot sunshine and no breeze
To end the day whilst we were on the seafront, the red arrows did a wonderful display for 20mins over the town. I think it was because it was Pirate Day in the Old Town, a very popular event!


  1. Congratulatins on winning. Didn't know you were so good, lol !!!
    What a delight to be able to see the red arrows. I love all these plane shows, they are so beautiful to watch. xx

  2. well done on the win! the red arrow photos are great what a great sight :)

  3. Congratulatins on winning! Really a lovely day!
    Great photos - Bravo!
    /The first picture will be an excellent cover of Vogue magazine - August!/

  4. Just catching up with you Lynne.
    Congrats on the bowls and the idea for the prompt