Friday, 13 July 2012

Day 195 - FLOWER

Hello I am still struggling with my laptop and Peter wants me to get a new one but.....
Any way as Suzie syas we have taken lots of photos recently!! 
Here is a new photo of our African 'Busy Lizzies' which I bought small and really cheap in May. They have liked the warm weather and the showers :)
 and to let you know I do scrap!!! Here are some flowers made from heart die cuts from a challenge I started at the beginning of the year, unfortunately it stopped in April :(
Not much happened today, dry day and then home and out for pedicure and home again and then looking at tours for our holiday between the laptop crashing.
Off to church film night tonight for the film  The Way. You can order a take away pizza and take your own wine but we are eating now and I am off the wine to lose some weight!


  1. Your busy lizzies are lovely and I think the "heart" flowers are great. I'm sorry to hear about your laptop.

  2. Lovely heart flowers. Never saw that technique before. xx

  3. I was going to txt you tonight if you hadnt blogged, but I guessed it might have been computer problems. Lovely flowers!

  4. I love the bizzies :) Great handmade flowers too :)

  5. Congratulations for the wonderful flowers. These - Hand made ​​are very interesting!