Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 184 - Shadows

We were up ready for the kitchen fitters at 8am, I must say I greeted them in my dressing gown:) 
Then I went to Zac's sports day at 9.15. The school had decided due to the weather forecast to do the sports in the morning.  They were quite right as Zac's year  with year 4 were at 9.30am, as they finished at 10.30pm there were spits of rain. 
Zac is at the end on the RH side in a sweatshirt, It wasn't warm when the sun went in
 And for Anne here are the sky photos during his races!!

 I  then met Carol for coffee. We had so much to talk about not having seen each other for a week! I bought our kitchen men chocolate biscuits and doughnuts, things that are never in the house!! and returned home to see a worktop in situ and the sink in place
 Peter and I went back to Sainsbury for lunch and then returned to this

 They had at one point had put the worktop and hob ready and then took it out again!! Iain arrived (DS2) and was not happy that they had finished at 4pm!! It was nice to see Zac and his medal he won for one of the races
So it is now 5pm and I need a shadow photo and like most of us I could go into my photo archives and find one but needed to take one today.
The light was on in the kitchen and reflecting on the interior of a cupboard making I tried to make a photos of a rabbit!! Not done this since my children were little!
Peter is now at a bowls match, at an evening competion he runs. He will be home at 8pm, we have shepherds pie but no running water or hob downstairs so cooking any veg and washing up is difficult tonight but is possible upstairs...(not to cook!)!!! Xanthe day tomorrow so watch this spaceLOL!!


  1. pleased zac got to do his sports day. Hope you get your kitchen back tomorrow it will be no fun cooking having to keep going up and down stairs! Enjoy Xanthe day tomorrow.

    1. Dinners were all prepared last week and only had to pop oven on, tonight was shepherds pie and baked beans...we do still need to tackle the dishes probably in a bowl in the bath am!!

  2. Thanks for the clouds photo, Lynne, really nice.
    As of your rabbit, he is cute !!! xx

  3. I love your rabbit, Lynne.
    Congratulations to Zac for his medal.
    I'ts great to see your kitchen progressing. I washed up upstairs while we had no water on. Hard work.

  4. I love your rabbit too!
    Great photos!

  5. Well done on the shadows.. and the meals.. and after my last comment it seems you are still keeping up with good eating.. I thought you'd be on take aways.. xx