Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 192 - SHINY

Our sky last night
and indoors was Peter and our 'babes' Florrie and Mae! They are 'Daddy's girls'!!! 
This morning Xanthe arrived for her breakfast and I caught the 2 of them chatting together while Grandad made her some toast! She is also Grandad's girl!
 Here is my SHINY photo for today
 It was a close up of the base of a table lamp!
 After a damp start the sun shone again for us and Xanthe and I did the usual routine of town on the 9am bus so I could get a few things from Boots and M&S :) Then we came home and went by car to toddlers gym for a couple of hrs before home to see Grandad!
 We did the school run and then dropped Zac on the seafront for his Beavers. They were going to play crazy golf for their last session before the school hols. He will be a cub in September!
Here is the sky late afternoon but the clouds have arrived so no sunset tonight!


  1. The photos of Peter and the cats and Peter with Xanthe are just too sweet !
    Lovely skies, Lynne, you don't want to see ours...
    We live right in the middle of South east and South West and whatever bad stuff either gets, we get them both !!!
    I love your shiny lamp reflecting you taking the photo. Very artistic, xx

  2. Lovely photos- sounds like another lovely day.

  3. you have had a lovely day, hope Zac enjoyed golf and thats a shiny lamp base!

  4. Love the lamp photo, the close up was really clever. Our cat is Peter's in the evening but mine if I am reading in bed in the evening or mornings on the weekend when he will totally ignore Peter.

  5. You certainly had a busy day today. I love the photos of Peter with the cats and xanthe. The shiny photo is very clever

  6. You have had such a busy day Lynne, well done on doing all that! xxx

  7. Congratulations on the great hits today!
    Love the photos of Peter with the cats and Xanthe! They are so cute!
    The shiny photo is excellent! - very clever, YES!
    About us are happening wonderful things! How nice that you managed to shoot them!

  8. Like the getting the bus idea, good use of an hour and a treat the babe's think, we will do the trip to StIves on the train in the summer when it arrives!