Sunday, 15 July 2012


I have been thinking about Anne's dad all day and need to go and read her blog in a minute and find out, do hope he is OK and she isn't flying out to see him. (((hugs))) Anne if you read this xx
Wondering if I really want to show you the literature I read!!
I like romance, family and drama books that are easy reading so Rosamunde Pilcher(read them all!) Maeve Binchy (read them all!), Shelagh Flanaghan, Cathy Kelly and some of Susan Lewis to name but a few!!
All our books these days come from charity shops and the photo below show the last few buys not read, the Michael Connelly  and others are Peter's!
 Of course I now have a Kindle and have 57 books on there and you will note I have succumbed to putting Mr Grey on there! I am sure it is rubbish but need to see what all the hype with other women is about. These will be a few of my holiday reading! I still like real books but find the kindle with the font enlarged is great to read in bed without glasses!
 What did we do today?  As Helen said yesterday if you blog early then what happens later in the day you cannot blog until the following day!
We went to church in the morning and did the welcome duty which I enjoy. Then it was bowls for us both as I was doing bowls teas again, I seem to have got roped into this on a regular basis!
As you can see the sun shone and we had blue skies untul about 4.30 when it looked as if it might rain but didn't!
 Here is Peter on the LH side in the middle
 and collecting the bowls up
 and bowling! 
and as Anne has all taking sky pictures the sky at 3pm!!
You will all be pleased to know that another couple who will be on our cruise ship have been in touch with us and will share the cost of the 2 tours we have arranged, so Lisbon will only cost us half the price now. Hope we can enjoy 2 days in their company!! and of course they can cope with us too!! Have spoken to Barbara on the phone this evening and Brian her husband has emailed me twice!


  1. Hope you have a great time on the cruise.

    You have the same taste in books as me- I love the family saga type. I've just read The Playgroup and really enjoyed that one. I've been given the 50 shades books- but not really sure I'll ever get them read.

  2. good news about the holiday and hope you get time to read your collection of for mr grey and the 50 shades, I have read to chapter 4 and if its wasnt for the hype I would have given up...I am not in a rush to pick it up either!

  3. Good planning for the hols, know what you mean about jumping in to be friends or spending time with people... and as for Mr Grey I was a long way behind even hearing about it, but most of the ladies here say it isn't well written, I found an excerpt and know what they mean.. and I follow Dawn Porter on Twitter.. she says it doesn't even hot up til Ch 7!!! Is that life I wonder and what chapter are we all on!?? Sorry, random thinking but funny x

  4. Hello Lynne, thank you for your kindness, Dad is hanging on there. We just wait to know what will happen next, it's the most difficult not to do anything.
    Nice books you have and thank you for the clouds picture. It always makes me smile. xxx

  5. what great news about your holiday! im always fascinated by your bowling photos as when you mentioned bowling first, i thought it was like the bowling we take the kids to :)

    ive had the grey books on my ereader for quite some time and havent even been tempted, despite all the hints that are flying around, doesnt seem to be my "cup of tea" (as kim always says) at all...

    ill be looking out to find bertie's long lost relative on your blog :)

  6. Nice books you have!
    I love these men dressed the same - they look like stewards.
    Great news about your holiday!

  7. It's funny, but my son mentioned that book on Sunday and asked if I had read it. I'd never heard of it till then from what he said and what Kathijoe said I imagine chapter 7 will fall open around his friends. I think it must be my age, I don't fancy reading it. I remember "Forever Amber" in my teens and the book doing the rounds must be the same kind of thing.
    Glad you found partners for Lisbon.

  8. Enjoy your cruise. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures. Love your blog. Also like the challenge you are doing!