Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 185 - DIRT

Another early morning to try and make packed lunches, breakfast and be ready for kitchen men and Xanthe this morning! We woke to misty rain and so Peter found more dustsheets to cover the floor between the patio door and the kitchen so the DIRT didn't go on the new carpet. Very apt for me today!!
I suppose I need not have worried as Ben took his shoes off at the door!
 Before Xanthe and I left for the gym another worktop had been put in situ but no hob yet just a hole!
 As well as the men and Xanthe arriving our friend Jim came back to finish putting in a new power socket as he goes on holiday tomorrow. A very busy household all before 9am!
Yes Viv we did wash in a bowl upstairs and drained on a towel in the bath, and it was hard work!! We are worried about how much water we still have in the tank upstairs and have turned off the hot water. Hope we can have the water turned on tonight as I desperately want a hair wash and shower!!!

And before I forget, had very exciting news last night from my oldest son who got diagnosed with being bipolar in his twenties after a manic episode which left him unable to work for several years.
he has been desperately trying to get back to a permanent full time job and yesterday he had an interview for a job with a Uni and got the job starting 1st August, I am so thrilled for him :)


  1. such good news about the job, hope he enjoys it. Your kitchen looks a hive of activity, hope you have water tonight.

  2. Agree with Helen!
    Good luck!
    /Peter does not have a day off?..
    Think that your kitchen will be a dream for every housewife!/

  3. Hi Lynne, yes we got the same idea !
    Your kitchen is going to be a paradise !!! xxx

  4. Helen, even though we had the water turned off for the whole Bank Holiday it was only turned off for the kitchen, so you are definitely worse off than we were.
    How did Xanthe enjoy the upset?
    I am so pleased you son has now got a permanent job. By the way, he is very handsome.

  5. I have no idea I wrote Helen in my comment, sorry Lynne both to you and Helen.

  6. Congratulations to your son but poor you with your water. They sealed our water off in the kitchen when we had ours redone so we could still use the bathroom without any problems. Hope you get it back soon.

  7. Brilliant news for you about your son, good on him :) Yes he is very handsome.

    We are having our shower taken out tomorrow and we don't have a bath so I have every empathy with you, dreading it :)

  8. Good on the job.. they are never too old to not worry for them are they.. and isn't it amazing how soon you fancy fresh food when you have no kitchen! Xx

  9. Lynne..in answer to your comments about Arras.. I read about the tunnels but we didn't have a lot of time; also Col suffers a bad back ( and is quite tall) so he thought maybe the tunnels would be very low? We only got to this place this trip but have a reseller in Lille so I will get more info from you when we go again... maybe even call and say hi to Hastings! xx

    1. Did wonder if you passed by when you got back to the UK. It would be great for you to do that and happy to tell you any info you want too