Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 201 - CHEESE

I love cheese and yesterday had a cheese ploughman's with a cheese scone a huge piece of cheese and 2 different pickles......./but no photo!!
But immediately I saw the word I thought about when you take a photo of a person you say, " say cheese"!! Especially with children, so here is Xanthe's brother saying "CHEESE" to show his missing tooth in Sept 2011
Last night we came back from our meal at friends to find our tiler still here at 10pm!! Here he is just finishing the floor grouting
We made him go home at 10.10pm as I was going to bed!! 
This morning after Peter went to work, I washed the floor again as Richard  didn't do it last night and started to put everything back from the lounge and then I thoroughly cleaned the lounge and carpet. I was just going to clean the windows when the kitchen people (and my son who works for them) arrived to put on the new door and the plinths 
 Here is Ben putting the plinths on
 Because the tiler hadn't had time to 'mastic' the tiles/ worktops they had to do it and put the door back on after shaving off the bottom of the door to fit.  Everything had to come off the worktops and back into my clean lounge/diner...I was not a happy bunny!! 
 Any way here is the kitchen tonight with tea prepped for to night and tomorrow
All that remains is some things outside and this pile of left over tiles and adhesive in the lounge ready for the tiler to collect.......................WE HAVE FINISHED!!!
 and just for Anne the sky as I have come to blog at 6.40pm. It has been dry, cloudy, sunny and showers but all my washing has dried and after all the cleaning I am exhausted!!


  1. Lovely photos- your kitchen looks beautiful!

  2. I love your kitchen. It's gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful smile this little guy has !
    What a kitchen, so you can relax now , excepted if everybody finds it so great that they keep on inviting themselves!!!!!!!
    Thank you for the clouds. Brilliant.

  4. Hope you have a quiet night, the kitchen looks great, well you can relax! Love zac's toothless cheesy smile :)

  5. "CHEESE"! - What a beautiful smile!
    I love your kitchen too. It's gorgeous!
    Lovely photos - Congratulations!

  6. You Have finished your kichen before us. It looks great. Time for feet up for you now I think