Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Must tell you all that as the fitters left last night, I asked them about the water if they had turned it back we feel silly as it was turned on on Monday night and we could have showered and had hot water after all!!! Needless to say we showered and I washed my hair this morning!!

We have had a fabulous day weatherwise, shopping and eating out but before I show you today's photos I have to show you Xanthe and Grandad before we did the school run yesterday afternoon!! Both had had an exhausting morning by the look of them!

 Well today we went out for our usual Wednesday 'bonding day as I call it leaving the fitters to finish off today. I had the word and kept shouting to Peter as we drove "slow down" everytime I found something to photograph for DANGEROUS! I finally got this shot and as you can see there was a lot of cloud, though very warm.
We went to ESK after looking in Tesco  for bits for the kitchen and we were very successful with a swing bin aink bowl etc for the kitchen

We decided to go to Eastbourne Marina for lunch

and this was the sky which eventually became cloudless on the coast
We went to Simply Italian as I love Italian food.  Here is Peter waiting for his lunch
 and her I am enjoying some vino! 
 We got home to find the kitchen not finished and the men had gone early again!! So tomorrow we have a plumber coming to connect the gas hob and to service the boiler thinking they would have gone!! 3 men at 8am in a small kitchen :)

and next to my neighbour's house of course is this sign...I had forgotten about this earlier!!
 I sat out until 7.30pm in glorious sunshine and as I cooked us something to eat tonight, this was our sky from the patio


  1. I can't believe you have such a beautiful sky !!!
    The photos of Xanthe and Peter are so sweet. xx

  2. Budge up Lynne, I'm coming to yours for a lovely day out :) Just brilliant shots today :) xxx

  3. Beautiful photos - great post!
    Very pleasant to read - so you're sweet!
    Glad you had sunshine and nice emotions.
    And cheers, Lynne!

  4. lovely sky in the evening, and what a lovely pic of Xanthe and her grandad. Oh dear about the water, least you got to use it in the end, well done for finding all the danger photos too.

  5. Well what a busy day.. and you're still smiling! Great photos.. xx

  6. So much is happening in your life! I certainly don't envy you all the workers in the kitchen. The nap photos are so cute and the "dangerous" pictures are lovely - I couldn't think of anything for a day.

  7. Peter and xanthe look so cosy Great dangerous pictures.