Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 196 - MOTION BLUR!

Today has definitely been sunshine and showers and because I had nothing planned I spent the morning on the computer trying to plan a tour with  taxi driver for Lisborn and one of the islands in the Azores instead of the ship tours. All fine but we need to find a couple on the ship to go with us as the Lisborn tour as 1-4 people is 200euros!! But it is 7 hrs and takes us around Lisborn and out into Portugal country side too, so when we arrive on the ship it is 'grab a granny' or 2 people in this case LOL!!

I didn't just sit at the computer, which was working so long as I avoided photos! I throroughly cleaned the shower ..detoxed it and also the toilet and then vacced the upstairs rooms and stairs, so I  feel like the green goddess tonight!!

So Motion Blur as our word today caused me a panic as 
1 I wasn't going out 
2 I usually delete blurred photos!
3 Picasa and my laptop are not compatible at the moment and my computer when I am in Picasa keeps closing :(

Anyway could not take a photo as also there is no wind...typical eh!!!
Found a photo taken on a bus on a Boston tour !!
 and then a photo I hadn't deleted of Carol getting a bottle from the bar for the evening on our Nile cruise, then dancing back to the table
 Then she stood still and posed! Oh no think she had got water for our room!!


  1. great pictures, sounds like a very productive day :)

  2. Great photos, and you were a busy bee :) xxx

  3. Love your motion blur photo. When are you going on your cruise? I'm sure you won't have any problems finding someone else to tour Lisbon.

  4. lol oh what a shame that it turned out to be water :D i must admit, im usually the same and hit "delete" as soon as i see a blur.. most of the photos dont even make it off the camera/phone so today was def a challenge :)

  5. Sorry, a bit late on catching up.
    Sometimes it's much cheaper to book on site on recommendation of the hotel you stay in ? xx

  6. Love your motion blur photo!
    Congratulations to Carol - a great figure and very beautiful dress! I like her dance with bottles!