Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 191 - DELICATE

I have won a £10 voucher on the UKS Blog hop last week, I have never won anything before so I am really thrilled!!
Before I start my moaning about today, this was the sun last night as it was going down. yes we did have a few showers but we have been fortunate not to have the torrential rain of other parts of UK and sunshine too!
 Today the sun has shone and no sign of rain clouds at all just fluufy white clouds passing by!
But no sunshine in my life..... The tiler arrived and got all the tiles from our garage and started to unpack them. Firstly we had the wrong colours in wrong amounts,  Granto should have been 50tiles and the others should have been 3 colours but we only had 2 other colours and when I looked at the invoice the amounts had been altered and tippexed out!!
Day 191 a DELICATE matter
 There were 8 packs of tiles and some loose ones to make up 7sq m (700tiles) eash box had many broken and chipped tiles.
 I then had the matter of phoning the firm and taking the tiles back to Rye 30mins drive away to sort it out and the tiler now has no work for 3 days and is coming back next Monday.
All morning was spent over this and I am using the word DELICATE matter asto  how I handled the problem by being polite though I was seething inside and really wanted to rant and rave.
To cut a very long story short,  new tiles in correct amounts have been ordered along with the floor tiles too and I have a got a very generous discount too and they will be delivered to us after each box has been examined in the next 2/3 days.
I finally arrived in Hastings to return something at 12noon and to pick up Peter from work.
I came passed some ground over looking the old town fishing fleet and old Harbour Arm, so these photos are for Kathy today


  1. no wonder you were annoyed and to tippex the changes, thats just wrong! Hope they finally get it sorted and well done for the discount!

  2. oh and well done for the win too :)

  3. I never met you but I easily imagine you boiling inside but polite outside regarding the tiles. It's something I don't do very well, even if I try. If I am upset, it's normally very obvious, lol.
    Well done on your £10 voucher, surely you won't have any trouble to find a way spending them !!!
    You made me realize I have the intials as Andy Murray.
    Beautiful sky photos. Well here it has been raining ! xx

  4. Well done on your win Lynne. I am really sorry about your tiles. I think you handled it very well. I would have beenm fuming and show it.

  5. Well done for keeping calm, it obviously worked, but still so frustrating. And well done on the win :) xx

  6. Well done on your win and on keeping cool.

  7. I am really enjoying learning about where we all live.. surprisingly many of us close to the coast I think.. well done for keeping the heat down.. despite being hot under your collar .. it's never easy dealing with tradespeople is it.. x

  8. I'd have been really mad aswell. Hope the new ones arrive safely as soon as possible!

  9. Well done on your win! Whoever plays, he wins!
    I wish you a pleasant day!