Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 199 - BUSY

Well Tuesdays are usually a busy day with Xanthe. 
We went into town and it was very, very quiet!! We then cam home and went to toddler's gym and it was very quiet too!!
The reason was that the Olympic torch is coming to Hastings at 6pm and leaves tomorrow around 9.30am
The town is expecting 10,000 descending to the town for tonight, it was like 'the lull before the storm'

I came home thinking the only busy photo for today would be to go and see the crowds in town...and I don't want to!!
anyway we found one very BUSY person at home finishing the tiling ready for grouting tomorrow.
 Here is Richard busily grinding (cutting) the tiles outside. It is dry and sunny today! 

 and Grandad and Xanthe quietly watching TV after lunch
 I have taken these of fXanthe's Mum's FB page.
Birthday morning opening a present. Must scrap this soon!
 Have I shown you this before? Forgive me if I have! This is Xanthe in April, nearly 2yrs with Great Granny 101yrs in August!!
Hope we get to see the torch come through St Leonards at 6pm, depends whether we can get away from babysitting duties early today! otherwise I will have to settle for the local news at 6pm or later!!!


  1. I know what you mean, its been a quiet day here too for a change :) lovely photos.

  2. Xanthe will cherish this photo with Great Granny for ever. So beautiful !!!

  3. Oh, wonderful photos! Congratulations!
    I love these - Xanthe with Great Granny! & Xanthe with Peter!
    Youth and wisdom

  4. Scrap the picture with GG, so many words come tro mind and it will be a great memory x