Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 200 - AIRBORNE

I am back after our day out and look what I found when we popped into Sainsbury for a cup of tea before going home! This young man was a torch bearer in Bexhill and he was allowing people to hold his torch, so here I am in an unexpected  photo shoot...Peter had disappeared!
 I knew immediately the photo I wanted to take of a Dandelion clock that I could blow and photograph but today is very windy and apart from Dandelion flowers this is the only photo I could take with a few seeds left to become AIRBORNE soon!
This I took a few weeks ago when we were in the Old Town of Hastings. A seagull airborne, we have plenty of those around our town! 
 On arriving home here are our tiles down on the floor waiting to dry, then grouting can commence!!

I am early today and laptop isn't playing up yet so I am off to blog hop and catch up with the last few days, sepecially Anne, do hope her Dad is still OK and in good spirits!


  1. Thank you for caring so much Lynne. It is so appreciated, xxx
    I love the photo of you holding the torch. Isn't it great you were there at the right moment ! I like the dandelion too. I tried to find one this morning but they weren't looking good. You take care. xx

  2. I like yours and Anne's airborne inspiration.. makes life easier for us girls who get blogging late on.. cute little boat on the beach.. x

  3. well done on holding the torch- great photo

  4. you are certainly going to get your Kitchen finished before we do, our Kitchen fitter hasn't been back to finish off yet.

  5. Great photo of you with the torch. I held one in Birmingham- but my 5am Sunday morning face won't be appearing online!

    I wanted to find a dandelion clock today- but it has been very wet!

    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog.

    Your kitchen is coming along really well!

  6. Congratulations - this was my first idea! But here all the dandelions - so called - have already flown away!
    Thanks for your support!
    / Your picture with the torch is amazing - I showed it to my husband - Accept the greetings!/
    Your kitchen is great! Even without a real machine for washing dishes! - At least your trademark P * - is not so capricious!